The greasiest, most delicious places to gain the Freshman 15

It’s unavoidable, so just embrace it with a large Coke and a side of fries

Everyone warns you that once you step foot on a college campus you'll gain the freshman 15. And they should, because you definitely will.

Because the infamous college weight gain is unavoidable, we've decided to make your journey easier (and tastier) by putting together a list of the best places to go to gain the freshman 15.

Dessert section of Market Central

Market is notorious for its’ mediocre food. But the one glimmer of hope is the dessert section. Plates of cookies and cakes, soft-served ice cream cones and many more sugary items are the only digestible thing (and easy to sneak away).

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Five Guys

There’s literally grease stains on the paper bag. You could order the Veggie sandwich but let’s be honest: you’re not going to Five Guys to be healthy. No one does. If I list the calories of just the bacon cheeseburger, you’ll probably be grossed out. But hey, ignore the high cholesterol levels. You’re young. Enjoy a bacon cheeseburger and a side of Cajun fries and a milkshake.

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Szechuan Express

Their combination fried rice will be the death of me. If you like Chinese food, then you need to make this a staple of your unhealthy diet. With large portions under ten dollars, happy eating!

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Splurge on the ranch. You’ll thank me later.

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Oakland Bakery and Market

Sure, there’s plenty of healthy options like salads, fresh fruit and veggies but forget that. Your precious dining dollars can be spent on cupcakes, cannoli's, cookies, and other words that begin with the letter “c”.

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Photo courtesy of Oakland Bakery and Market

Taco Bell

How else will you celebrate Taco Tuesday? This is the quintessential drunk-food for college students. My only grievance is that it closes too soon. Imagine how much money could be spent at 1 in the morning. I guess the better reason would be because students study at the Union at late hours and need food. But no one makes healthy food decisions late Friday night.

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Who knew that a chicken patty with two pickles would be so perfect? And to top it all off, waffles fries! Two wonderful things combined into a golden crisp. Sure the sandwich is 440 calories and the waffle fries can range from 280 to 460 calories, but you’re busy. You deserve to treat yourself.

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Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza

If you want to get a pizza, but don’t want to share or get judged for carrying a large, then this is your place. Their 11-inch pizzas are perfect for one person and their customization is great for the picky eater.

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Meat Eaters pizza


We all want some fried chicken. It’s one of the major comfort foods. And with at least 14 credits under your belt, we all need some comfort. My advice would be to go there when you have some free time because the wait can be long especially at night or during lunch.

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It has “street food” in its name for a reason. They do have a Mediterranean bowl with super foods such as chickpeas, quinoa, and Greek yogurt but even that’s 660 calories. Plus, you probably didn’t even know about that item. I had to look it up. But we all know to get their pasta bowls. Spettacolare!

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Peace, Love, and Little Donuts

Do you like donuts? Do you like cherry cheesecake, Oreos, or s’mores? Well, you can get them together at this local donut shop on Meyran Avenue (up the street from Piada). You could get a dozen for under 20 dollars. So, support this local business with your sweet tooth and wallet.

Warm pumpkin donuts with Cream Cheese Frosting, glazed and cheesecake toppings. Stop in or call to order. 330-268-9465.

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Dave & Andy’s

It’s ice cream. Need I say more?

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Chick'n Bubbly

It’s Korean fried chicken wings drenched in delicious sauce. And, you can get a bubble tea drink with your order. Sure, it has “tea” in the name but those tapioca pearls can add at least another 100 calories. This place is a bit more expensive with five wings costing $5.50 without tax and the wait is a bit long. But I think their wings are damn good, so go there once in a while.

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