Places you should go to study on Pitt’s campus when you’re tired of Cathy and Hillman

There’s more to campus than Market

Looking for another place to study other than Hillman? We’ve got you covered. Tired of eating at market? I have a suggestion that not many Pitt students know about.

Well we put together a small list of places that deserve more appreciation on campus.

Frick Fine Arts Building

Having mostly visual arts classes, the Frick Fine Arts building receives very little attention from students not taking some sort of sculpture, drawing, or painting course. People often mesmerize at the fountain places in the front of it. Composed of granite and bronze, it grabs the public’s attention. If you venture inside the heavy wooden doors of the building , you will be happily surprised by what it has to offer.

A beautiful library with antique wooden tables and crown molding will make you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time. The garden area located centrally in the courtyard of the building provides a form of natural escape during studying or class. Need inspiration? Walk to the basement and marvel at the work of your fellow students that is displayed throughout the ground floor. Having a desire to get cultured? Visit the gallery during their exhibition events.

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The Space Research Coordination Center (SRCC)

Other than being placed next to Chevron, this building is typically only used by students who have a major in the geology department. Currently under construction, this building will be more up to date and conducive to learning once completed. You can already see the improvements just by visiting the student lounge. Surrounded by lustrous bright crystals and minerals, students feel more connected to nature and its wonders despite being cooped up indoors while cramming for your classes. Frames outside the lounge depict various national parks and monuments which would make any student sign up for the Yellowstone field study course.

The 35th and 36th Floors of The Cathedral of Learning

One could argue that this part of the Cathedral of Learning AKA our beloved girl Cathy, is well known. It is not utilized enough in my opinion. Forget about the warm, loud, and bustling study area located around the entrances. Instead, take the time to study on these top floors. Not only are the views of Pittsburgh Snapchat and Instagram worthy, but it is quiet and conducive to a studying environment. What more encouragement could you use to do well in school then studying in the honors college? If that is not enough motivation, the comfy sofa style chairs will have your butt thanking you after those hours of studying.

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The Victoria Building Café

Used mainly for nursing classes, the Victoria building is located right next to Lothrop Hall and University of Pittsburgh Medical Centers (UPMC). This is not one of the usual dining options found in many of Pitt’s buildings. There is a plethora of vegetarian options and delicious soups. Not only is the food good, which is a struggle a college student knows too well, but one particular staff member could be a gem herself. Arguably the Ophelia of the Victoria café, Ms. Debbie cares for every student she talks to and leaves you with a smile no matter how stressed out you are.

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