These are the most Instagram-worthy places near Pitt

The most #aesthetic spots in all of Pittsburgh

We all know the main must-see attractions and tourist traps of the Steel City. But if you are you looking for a more fun, low-key excursion that isn’t one of the main places that everyone flocks to in the city, there are a few great under-rated photo opportunities where you may least expect it.

Hot Metal Bridge

Location: Hot Metal St.

Hot Metal Bridge connects the edge of Pitt’s campus in South Oakland to South Side. Not only is it a great bike and running trail, but also has a great shot of the city skyline. The view itself is beautiful and the bridge is too. What used to be the old Monongahela Railroad Connection Trestle was converted into what is now a road for cars as well as a portion of the Great Allegheny Passage.

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Love Lock Bridge

Location: Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA

One piece of the street art scene in Oakland that has always stood out to me ever since I first moved here, is the infamous spot called ‘Love Lock Bridge’. We have all seen it walking from the Carnegie library and museums towards Schenley Park or Phipps Conservatory. Not only does this bridge have an amazing view, but it also has locks all over it.

Many couples come here to express their love for one another by adding a forever lock to the bridge. Adding a lock to the bridge is an awesome symbol for the bond you have made together. I’m not sure exactly when this tradition started here, but many locks have accumulated over the years. Bring your friends and loved ones and be part of the art!

West End Overlook

Location: Elliott Park, Marlow Street, Pittsburgh, PA

We have all been up the incline and saw the amazing view from Mt Washington, but have you seen the West End Overlook view? Gardens, benches, a pavilion and the great view of Point State Park and downtown make it one of the best places to watch 4th of July day fireworks from.

 Tufa Bridge

Location: Hollow Run Trail

Everyone and anyone who goes to Pitt has been to Schenley Park, but I bet you don’t know the history of the iconic arched bridge. Built in 1908 in the heart of one of the largest park in Pittsburgh, across the street from Phipps Conservatory, a pedestrian bridge was created adjacent to Panther Hollow Bridge. As decoration, and all the way from Ohio, cryptocrystalline calcium carbonate that is deposited in streams, tufa, was overlaid onto the cement bridge to give it color and texture.

These are just a few of the amazing locations around the Pittsburgh area that are great for photography, photo shoots, or even just for IG pics. If you ever need a change of scenery or want to remind the world how beautiful Pittsburgh is, hit one of these spots for a #instagood photo.

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