Pitt professor who said he ‘will not stop’ his car for protesters is still teaching classes

His ‘teaching status has not changed,’ according to a university spokesperson

Aaron Bernstine, a Pennsylvania State Representative and Pitt professor, is under fire for tweeting that he "will not stop" his car for protestors.

Bernstein quote tweeted an article from The Hill, picturing a protest that resulted in the closure of a main road. "If anyone EVER tries to stop my car on a highway with negative intentions…I will not stop under any conditions," his response tweet reads.

Twitter users took this statement to mean that he would run over protestors with his car should they get in his way.

After receiving criticism from voters and constituents alike, Bernstine went on to say in another tweet, "Difference between me and these snowflakes is that I won't be assaulted in name of 'free speech."'

Despite public disapproval regarding the inflammatory tweet, Bernstine's "teaching status has not changed," according to Pitt's Director of Media Relations, Joe Miksch.

Bernstine is an adjunct professor at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. He teaches one class on Thursdays on 'The Principles of Selling.'

Miksch also told The Tab that freedom of expression is one of the things Pitt stands for, and the tweet counts.

Bernstine said in an interview with The Times that his words could have been "more articulate," but he stood by his message.

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