UPDATE: All classes in Cathedral cancelled until 6pm today

Police are surrounding the area

UDATE 9:30: The Cathedral will reopen on Tuesday at 6 a.m.


UPDATE 1:30pm: All occupants have been asked to leave the premises, according to a professor.


UPDATE 11:55am: Pitt ENS sent out another text to inform students that call classes that take place in the Cathedral of Learning will be cancelled until 6pm today.

"Cathedral of Learning is closed," the text reads. "Classes that start before 6pm in the Cathedral are cancelled. Evening students should check email for updates."


All classes in the Cathedral of Learning are cancelled until 12pm today due to a water main break on the third floor. According to an anonymous source, water is pouring down the elevator.

A mass text was sent out to all students. "All classes in the Cathedral of Learning are cancelled until 12 noon due to a water main break," the ENS alert read.

Though the ground floor appears to be undamaged, the fire alarm is going off. All students and faculty have been told to evacuate.

Senior Megan Dugan told us, "I was in class and we had to evacuate. Someone came by and told us to leave." The fire alarm did not start going off until her class was halfway out of the building.

According to a Reddit user, people are stranded on floors above the pipe burst. While they aren't technically allowed to leave the building, it appears no one is stopping them.

All doors are blocked with signs as they race to clean up the mess and get the building back up and running.

A member of the cleanup crew said "the water is still dripping down."

Additional pictures can be found here.

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