Here’s how you can spice up your Porch experience without breaking the bank

… or your panther funds!

If you’ve lived on Pitt’s campus for any amount of time or have even taken an overly long tour with one of our Pathfinders, you know that the Porch at Schenely is a great restaurant to take your family when they come in town to visit because let's face it…. our college student budget doesn’t always support that “NY Strip Steak” type of luxury. However, there are ways you can get a wonderful and cheap meal just by knowing these tips!

Half-priced Zaa

If there's one thing all the students love and the servers hate, it's half priced pizza. The typical margarita pizza comes at a hefty $11 dollars at any given time so you may be tempted to work your way over to Antoon's. However, Monday through Thursday from 9PM-11PM the porch serves all of their pizzas for half the price! And let's be real here… Antoon's is typically exclusive for 2AM drunken post-game runs.

For our 21+ friends

Alright, so you may have already known about the half-priced perk, but half price doesn’t only apply to the pizza! If you’re too classy for Peters, at $3 dollars you can wash down that greasy pizza with a nice cold glass of Duquesne Pilsener, locally bottled in our very own wonderful city of Pittsburgh, PA!

Rooftop garden

For all of you hipster “I only eat local” people out there, you’ll be pleased to know that many of the fruits and vegetables that The Porch features in their dishes are grown right on our rooftop garden! You can’t really get much more local than that… Plus! The roof is home to a bee hive of about 400,000 AFRICAN KILLER BEES!*

Cornbread and honey butter

*Okay, so they may not be African Killer Bees, but they are sweet, little honey bees that The Porch uses to harvest the most delicious honey (locally… wink wink). If you order the Cornbread Skillet, make sure you ask your server for a side of honey butter to go with it. Trust me, you won’t regret this. In reality, you should probably order the cornbread just for the honey butter.

Breakfast window

Forgot to grab breakfast before you left the house, or simply just didn't have time? Head on over to the side window at The Porch from 7AM-11AM on weekdays for a quick and delicious breakfast! $1 coffees and $4.50 breakfast sandwiches are definitely an upgrade from the granola bar you forgot to grab on your way out.

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