Enjoy evening and weekend bus service while you can

Time to get Uber

If Republican lawmakers in the House have their way, the transportation budget of the state will lose a lot of money. $80 million to be exact, according to Port Authority.

These cuts would force Port Authority to get rid of half of its routes, and end evening and weekend bus service.  Fares would also increase.  Every route would be impacted, and jobs would be lost.

Sophomore Emma Wolinsky said that “budget cuts should not adversely effect students as we have free commuting through the university. For that reason- I am not concerned.”

Erica Spaeth, a senior, thinks that these cuts would mess with people’s schedules, including hers.  “I rely on public transportation to get around because as a student I don’t have a car so this would really impact my ability to travel for work & volunteering.”

Jen Norton agrees.  “I can’t afford to take a taxi or Uber on a regular basis, so myself and countless students would be severely limited when it comes to leaving campus for jobs, internships, pleasure or anything else.”

Tino Flouras believes that “any cuts to Port Authority’s service would be detrimental to many people in Allegheny County. As one who regularly works in West Mifflin on the weekends, a lack of transportation from the Port Authority would most certainly be jeopardizing not just to myself, but to others who rely on the Port Authority for transportation to their jobs on a daily basis.”

Deliberations are still ongoing in the House.

University of Pittsburgh