RANKED: These are the best Pitt residence halls, according to a new poll

The favorite might shock you

Last week, we asked students to vote for their favorite Pitt residence hall. By residence hall, we meant on campus housing that requires a sign-in process (which we all love so much). We got over 300 responses.

Without further adieu, here are your Pitt residence halls ranked from best to worst as reported by students.

#1 Towers A & B

As shocking as it is considering the pie-shaped shoe boxes of rooms they contain, Towers A & B were the winners of our poll. I guess having Market Central and Market To Go inside the building is a huge deal, especially in the winter when leaving home to eat isn't so fun. Food for the win!

#2 Nordenberg

Definitely less shocking, Nordy aka every freshman's dream dorm came in second. Don't let those nice rooms fool you, there is no Market in Nordenberg. Luckily, you can relive your prom dreams or nightmares in this residence hall!

#3 Sutherland

Up on the top of the hill, Sutherland came in third. I guess walking all the way up campus to get home isn't so bad when there's a buffet inside your building. Also, you have the Pete right there, so that's good. Two workouts, one dorm.

#4 Ruskin

Our hidden dorm over next to Clapp hall is actually a gem. With close proximity to the Cathedral and apartment-style rooms, Ruskin is a great place to live. #Location. Did I mention you get a full kitchen?

#5 Panther

Another hilltop residence hall, Panther has an amazing view of campus. Rooms are spacious and the community is close (if you have a nice lounge), but another tough walk in the dead of winter doesn't sell this dorm. Additionally, it's got some pretty damn good security.

#6 Holland

The former ladies-only dorm had a bad rep, but is now on the rise due to the new male population. Also well-located, but not quite as nice as some other dorms (communal bathrooms suck), Holland is Hoeland no more. Will it go up in the ranks? Only time will tell.

#7 Pennsylvania & Bruce

PA and Bruce hall were tied in the poll. Ranked at #7, these two dorms, though quite different, are equally (un?)popular. PA is much like Panther Hall, but far less liked. Bruce has four and six-person suites, which I guess makes it less enticing as most people would prefer to room with zero to one roommates.

Remarkably, in my four years at Pitt I have never entered either building. I guess that says something?

#8 Lothrop

If you're keen on a short walk up Cardiac Hill, Lathrop is the place for you. The former "Nurse's Residence" is right next to UPMC for all your health needs! Also, with a room in this dorm you need not brush your teeth next to a stranger as each room has it own sink! Random, but helpful?

We have health on our side, but security could be better?

#9 Forbes Hall

Another overlooked dormitory, Forbes Hall is located – you guessed it – right on Forbes Avenue. No hill walks for these residents! In fact, the location is quite nice and the room are pretty cool as well. I guess Pitt really is a fit campus, because this residence hall is not too well-liked around here.

#10 Tower C & McCormick

Tower C has always been the dorm for people who don't really want to be in a dorm. Single room living in Towers is a recipe for privacy, which is something that some are turned off by. Fortunately, the RA's try to make it more social than it's ever going to be, so feel free to showcase your talents here.

McCormick has three, six, and seven-person suites, which are very odd numbers and make for less interest in the hall. Even with that refrigerator and microwave to add to the good location, McCormick isn't too popular Pitt students.

#11 Brackenridge

Pitt's least favorite residence hall, Brackenridge offers four and five-person suites for upperclassmen. Why is the least popular residence hall? Probably because it is a similar suite-style setup but without a kitchen. Your room may come with a microfridge, but if you get one of the few singles or doubles, you are not guaranteed to get one. It is a very strange residence hall, making it our lowest rank. Perhaps some changes could be made to increase interest?

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