Pitt ranked 24 for Top Public Schools in America

Not that anyone is surprised

US News and World Report has just released their annual ranking of American colleges, placing up us in the top 100. The list includes the best 300 schools.

Most notably, Pitt ranked No. 24 for Top Public Schools in America.

Pitt is ranked 47 in the Best Global Universities and number 9 in psychiatry and psychology for the second time in U.S. Pitt shares the number 47 spot with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign again this year.

The Best Global Universities Rankings is a relatively new feature to the report, gathering 1,000 institutions from the United States and 60 other countries and measuring their academic performances and international and national reputation.

Of the Pennsylvania schools that made the top 100, U Penn reigns at No.17, tied with University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, followed by Pitt at No.47, Penn State at No. 56 and Carnegie Mellon at No. 67 which remains unchanged since last year’s results.

Nationally, Pitt is ranked No.68 in National Universities, beating out Drexel, Temple, Duquesne, and Bryn Mawr to name a few. However, Pitt falls underneath Penn, Carnegie Mellon, Lehigh, Villanova, and Penn State respectively.

According to U.S. News, they calculate their global ranks based on 12 indicators based on a pool of 1,000 schools gathered which had the largest number of scholarly articles published from 2010 to 2014 and included in the top 200 reputation survey.

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Below are the individual indicators and their percentage in the overall ranking

• Weighing 12.5 percent each: global and regional research reputation, and number of top 10 percent most cited publications

• Weighing 10 percent each: publications, normalized citation impact, percentage of total publications among 10 percent cited and international collaboration

• Weighing 7.5 percent each: Total citations

• Weighing 5 percent each: number of top 1 percent high cited papers in their field and percentage of top 1 percent most highly cited papers published

• Weighing 2.5 percent each: books and conferences

With these new stats in mind, as a Pitt student, I feel joyful that our school keeps such a high standard and is getting recognized for its hard work.

Hail to Pitt!

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