Mark your calendars because Therapy Dog Tuesdays have announced their return date

They just released the date of their first visit

Everyone’s favorite Tuesday night activity is back! Therapy Dog Tuesdays has set the date of the fluffy friends’ first visit to campus. Be sure to be in the Cathedral on September 5th from 7-8 pm to get some cuddles.

The therapy dogs visit the Cathedral of Learning every Tuesday throughout the year to help students control their stress levels. Tons of students attend this hour of absolute bliss. Each dog is a certified therapy dog, so there are no worries of unfriendly pups!

Even though it’s early in the semester, every student needs a little loving. I know I miss my dogs when I’m at school!

You can RSVP to the event here. Photos taken from Therapy Dog Tuesdays at Pitt Facebook page.

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