These are the best signs from College GameDay at Penn State

‘Michigan girls put the blue in blue balls’

Unless you somehow blacked out for the entire weekend (and we know you didn't because it was a white out), you know that College GameDay spent this Saturday in Happy Valley.

Fans gathered early in the morning to support Penn State and to show off their most savage signs making fun of Michigan. The best joke of all, however, ended up being Michigan's team after we beat them 42-13.

If you were too lazy to get up at the crack of dawn to see it in person, don't worry — we compiled a list of the best signs from College GameDay for you.

Peep that teddy bear tattoo

Stephanie Cohen, The Tab

An old classic

This sick burn

Stephanie Cohen, The Tab

Honestly, same


Stephanie Cohen, The Tab

Teachers definitely won't let you use O'Korn as a reliable source

Start em young

Stephanie Cohen, The Tab

Fun fact: his mom came up with this sign

Hard pass

This sign was better than the movie

Finally, some answers

Stephanie Cohen, The Tab

Penn State