Penn State grad breaks record on The Price Is Right and completely loses it

He wins $31,500 for nailing Plinko

Ryan Belz, a 23-year-old former Penn State student, broke a record on The Price Is Right yesterday when he won $31,500 – and his incredibly enthusiastic reaction has been spreading across social media since.

Ryan broke the record for the game of Plinko, in which the contestant earns chips by correctly guessing the numbers of four, two-digit priced products shown, and then drops these chips onto the Pinko board. The chips then fall onto a possible $0, $100, $500, $1000 or $10,000 marker on the board. Ryan won all four chips and dropped them on the board to earn a collective $31,500, breaking the game’s record and blessing the world with an epic reaction.

His win has been met with much love (and some astonishment) across social media since the episode aired, with some even calling him “America’s next superhero.”

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