This Smeal professor trolled her students with an April Fools e-mail

No one is safe from the trickery

Yesterday, Carolyn Todd, established Smeal marketing professor, sent this e-mail to her class, proving that even professors need a little break from catching up on paperwork over the weekend:

After opening with how she’s retiring and she doesn’t care one bit how her students rate her on the SRTEs (lol) and including a list of unfeasible new policies she’s going to be enforcing in her classroom, Todd lets up on the joke, asking her students to check the date.

The Tab reached out to Professor Todd to find out what inspired her to fool her students. She said, “Just decided to have some fun between grading papers…The idea came from a discussion on Facebook—a former colleague and friend who’s at another university debating a similar type of message.”

We’re just wondering how many confused e-mails she got in return.

Penn State