We asked CATA whether or not you actually get free tuition if you get hit by the bus

Let’s put this to rest

If you go to Penn State, you’ve definitely heard the rumor that if you get hit by a CATA bus, Penn State will cover the cost of your tuition for the rest of your time as a student as compensation for the injuries and hospital bills associated with the accident.

We wanted to know if there was any truth to this rumor, and unsurprisingly, there isn’t. Penn State will not cover your tuition costs and actually, CATA and the university are two very separate entities.

Jacqueline Sheader, CATA’s public relations manager, sent us this email regarding our inquiry:

Short and sweet, but definitely confirms that if we throw ourselves in front of a bus, all we’ll get is a broken leg and a bruised ego. There really is no getting out of paying student loans.

Penn State