Everything you could buy with the money you’ll spend at 55 Days of Café

More like say goodbye to your bank account in 55 days

Café 210 West’s annual drinking competition begins tomorrow when their doors open at 11am. The rules are pretty simple, you must buy a drink or some sort of food every day for 55 days straight to have your name placed on a plaque for eternity and be invited to Café’s private party, which apparently is a real banger.

Café’s signature teas cost $6.75 at regular price. If you drink one every day of the competition—and let’s be honest, most days you’ll probably get at least two—that’s a minimum of $371.25.



We all know someone who has tried, and probably failed, to make it the entire 55 days, and after spending close to $400 at Café, why go and spend yet another day drinking the same teas you’ve been drinking for over a month, even if it is free?

Here are some things you could buy instead:


3 months and 3 weeks of downtown parking


123 tacos at Yallah Taco


4 month unlimited pass at Lila Yoga


2 semesters worth of textbooks


124 nights of cover at The Phyrst


71 dinner swipes into the dining commons


6 semesters of a PSU fitness membership

As they say, don’t spend your money all in one place…

Penn State