The cost of missing class in terms of things we’d rather have

It’s basically a lifetime’s supply of drunk Canyon

Skipping class–we’ve all done it. The last thing anyone wants to do is roll out of bed hungover for a Friday 8am in the Business Building, but when we skip class to catch a few more hours of sleep, how much money are we wasting?

According to data Penn State has released on tuition rates, Juniors and Seniors on average spend $839.67 per credit. For a three credit class, that is $2,519.01 per semester. The typical MWF class meets 45 times a semester, so just one of these classes costs $55.97.

Every time you skip class, you’re literally saying goodbye to $56. Who knew sleeping off a hangover had a higher price tag than the night out before?  We broke down just how much money you’re wasting in terms of things we’d rather have.

18 Trash Cans during Phyrst Happy Hour

11 Saloon Monkeyboys

8 Orders of Pokey Stix during Tuesday’s special

6 Chicken baskets, aka almost a full season’s worth of home games

14 Grande lattes at Starbucks

8 McAllister’s sandwiches

1 Penn State Rugby shirt 

9 Gaff pitchers

A semester’s worth of drunk Canyon pizza

And if you’re a bit more ambitious and you’ve skipped class more than once, you could be getting this:

Skipping twice: a new pair of Superstar Adidas

Skipping three times: a Rosebowl ticket

Skipping four times: season tickets for the Nittany Lions

Skipping seven times: a semester of sorority dues

And If you’ve skipped class more than 13 times, that could’ve bought you your flight to Puerto Vallarta for Spring break

Moral of the story: go to class.

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