We asked freshmen the most important thing they’ve learned since coming to Penn State

Hint: Do not bring a Coach satchel to a frat

For some, coming to Penn State is an easy transition, but for others, it’s a complete culture shock. With their first year wrapping up, I decided to ask freshmen the most important thing they’ve learned since moving to Happy Valley.

Elizabeth Cooney

“Frat guys do not know how to turn off fire alarms. I also expanded my vocabulary. For example, I now know what a ‘fracket’ is and before coming to Penn State, I had no idea what Venmo was. Lastly, wearing nice shoes to a frat is risky business. Say RIP to those white converse.”

Nolan Hausser

“Spend several days preparing for an exam and keep up with what is being taught in class so that you don’t get behind. Additionally, don’t let your laundry pile up. And for all you East Hall residents, don’t buy too much from Good 2 Go.”

Alexia Mazzarella

“One, don’t try to join every club you are interested in. It’s not possible. Two, walking through buildings will save your life in the winter. Three, the concept of pedestrians having the right away is taken to a whole new level here at Penn State–but watch out for those bikers. And also, a waffle does not need five minutes in the microwave, it will set off the fire alarm.”

Marley O’Brien

“People you meet the first week of school will likely not talk to you for the rest of the year, and no matter how hard you try to avoid sickness, you will get the Penn State plague.”

Nathaniel Tsai (second in from the left)

“Don’t procrastinate, get homework done as soon as it’s assigned, reread notes and lecture slides and find a study group that works for you.”

Me, Abigail Roe 

As for myself, I’ve learned a thing or two. For one, Med Express will save your life when you are sick. You will learn to love the remix of Wonderwall whether you like it or not. If you’re worried about having to do laundry, bringing 32 pairs of underwear to college will not solve anything, and do not bring a Coach satchel bag to a frat…unless you want to look like a mom, then go for it.

It is safe to say after learning these lessons we are experts at college life. Ok, so maybe not exactly experts, but we are much more adapted to the Penn State life and needless to say…we are loving it.


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