Penn State’s craziest moments in 2016

It’s been quite a year

2016 was a year that brought PSU many great moments. (Can I get a “We Are” for the PSU football team?)

However, it also brought many changes to the Penn State community. Some were good, some were bad and others were just plain weird.

Here’s the year in review, we’ll let you be the judge.

The good

We beat Ohio State, became Big 10 East Champions, ranked #5 and we’re going to the Rose Bowl


In the wise words of DJ Khaled, WE DA BEST! After a whirlwind of a season we came out on top and showed the world that Penn State is BACK and better than ever. Talk about a year for the books. 2016, you’ve treated the Nittany Lions well!

Upping our food game downtown



This year, State College finally decided to up their food game. We got Yallah Tacos for the best $5 burritos and $3 tacos in all of State College, Café verve to satisfy your vegan (or hipster) needs, and the Melt Shack to satisfy your tastebuds with the perfect grilled cheese.

The #NotMyPresident protest


After Trump was elected, we didn’t break out into riots. Instead, we came together and peacefully protested the presidency of a man who has blatantly disrespected women, the LGBTQ+ community, various minority groups, and more.

The bad

Rotelli’s closed


RIP to every Italian lover’s dream and salad bread bowls that are to die for.

Canyon Pizza changed locations


Although it’s still within walking distance when you get the drunkies after downing too many Stars and Stripes shots at the Phryst, with its new location on East Beaver, Beaver Canyon will never be the same.

The $2.4 million Clery Act fine

Yikes. Just when we were thought we were moving past the Sandusky Scandal, The Education Department levied a fine of $2.4 million against Penn State for violations of the Clery Act – including crimes related to the Sandusky case. This was the largest fine in history taken against Penn State. Not exactly a proud moment for us, PSU.

The WTF moments

The Penn State Security System for Game Day Entry

Welcome to chaos Penn Staters. With added security wands, this year’s season got a little out of hand. During the Ohio State and Iowa games, flocks of students stood in line for hours because the systems crashed and they couldn’t wand down everyone for security causes. Scary was an understatement and we hope this issue is resolved for next season.

Pokemon Go comes to Penn State


During summer session when Penn State became a ghost town the best thing you could do was become your own Pokemon Trainer.

“Anyone seen Pikachu around Old Main?”

The campus clown riot


We pride ourselves in our football program but we also take pride in our strength in numbers when it comes to tracking down some creepy clowns.

Cheers to 2016 and all of its oddity, lets hope 2017 brings more wins for PSU and good luck to all.

Penn State