We’ll probably get destroyed by OSU, but PSU is still the greatest football team

Who cares about winning when you have tailgating and school pride

I can say without a doubt: the Nittany Lions are the BEST football team in the world. Is it because they always bring home the W? No. Quite honestly we will probably get our butts handed to us by Ohio State this upcoming weekend, but thats not what Penn State football is all about! We are the best football team in the world because of our spirit, tradition, alumni and the fans.


The spirit of the Nittany Lions is unlike any other team known to man. The way we all stay loyal to one another, the way we sing the alma mater at the top of our lungs and the way we say We Are with pride – these are all things that scream Penn State! Come game day you know you are in Happy Valley when the only colors you see are blue and white.

That 7am alarm really is the worst, especially on a Saturday. But on game days we all get up, drag our hungover selves out of bed, get ready, and crack open the first Natty by 10. Slowly we make our way down to the sea of cars that composes the tailgate, one by one we pass each tent, family, and beer pong table while looking for our friends, which is not an easy task when everyone is dressed the same.


Told through the eyes of an alum, tradition is one of PSU’s many shinning stars. Alumni come back to University Park and feel at home again. They can remember all the memories they made while walking home from Beaver Stadium after a long day of tailgating with good friends, painting their bodies white with blue PSU written across the chest, and beer lots and lots of beer. These are ways that Penn State Football keep us all connected, through the traditions that we share.


Speaking of the alumni brings us to the Nittany Lion fans in general. PSU football is more than just a game, more than just a tailgate, and more than just football. It is a network of individuals who have a common bond. We all know how great it feels to stand in the stadium after a big win, arms wrapped around the strangers next to us, singing the alma mater. PSU football, both on and off the field, is just a glimpse of the true experience of a Nittany Lion!

Penn State