Pinchot Hall freshman hangs roommate’s subtweets in their dorm

The subsequent tweet and fight went viral

A Penn State freshman got payback on roommate subtweeting her by printing out messages and hanging them on her wall.

Class of 2020 Pinchot Hall resident printed out and hung up her roommate’s subtweets after their dorm argument drove her to take extreme measures. The freshman, named Jessy, printed the passive aggressive tweets from her roommate, and stapled them to their shared noticeboard, even decorating them with hearts.

Since posting this tweet, Jessy got immediate support and her tweet went viral, while her roommate’s friends also weighed in on the fight. Thousands of Twitter users came forward to show their support, hoping that she would update them on what would happen next.

The roommate’s tweets, that were stapled to the board said:

“My roommate situation is a horror story”
“Update my roommate has whooping cough”
“Two weeks down and I already hate my roommate”
“I’m da allergic to my roommate”
“Britt is talking about rooming together next year and I’m actually crying at the thought of having a good roommate”

In one of the most passive aggressive standoffs the world has ever seen, just moments after the tweet was published, her roommate immediately texted her accusing her of being petty and feeding the fire. The roommate also apparently called the cops on Jessy for allegedly smoking weed in their dorm.

After the tweet started gaining attention, her roommate made her Twitter private, while Jessy continued ranting. Her RA even got involved begging for Jessy to keep things “neutral.”

Awaiting her roommate’s arrival home after Jessy got off work, students lined up in Pinchot Hall to watch the events unfold and show their support.

The print out was then torn up after her roommate came home.

Afterwards, the police allegedly came to look into the harassment issue according to Twitter.

The Tab has reached out to Jessy for comment.

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