I texted people only using Adele lyrics and this is what happened

Hello, it’s me

Recently, Adele has once more pulled our hearts out of our chests and did a tap dance on them. Her lyrics are generally about getting together, breaking up, and moving on. Her songs are beloved by those trying to feel again and closeted shower singers, but what happens if you just slip a dose of Adele into daily conversation? This is what I found out.

You will be completely ignored and the conversation will go on.

Clearly, the receiver of this message was just ignoring my introspective, passionate prose. There is no time to dig a little deeper together when “Snowmageden” is in our midst, along with uncleared downtown sidewalks and CATA buses fishtailing down College Avenue.

People will catch on to you pretty quick.

Since before finals, Adele has taken over our lives. Her lyrics are engrained into everyone’s mind, especially millennials. If you text someone using Adele’s lyrics, it is almost a given they have memorized every word she has ever said, unlike those flashcards they made for their PSYCH 270 final. Even then, if there is any question, we live in the age of Google. And with that comes people’s ability to look up the off-kilter things you are saying and the next line of the song is right there in front of you.

You will be seen as a bit dramatic.

Normally, if someone cancels on me, especially if it means walking blocks past Atherton Street, I am understanding. Especially if it is due to two feet of snow, but not today. Today I am Adele and I have feelings, I have worries, and I have a killer voice.

You will get honest answers.

Adele lyrics cast spells on people’s souls. One-word answers are associated with a trance-like-state and honest answers will pour out of them. Then of course, they will snap out of it.

People will be accepting.

If you tell someone you will go to the ends of the Earth for them, no matter if it’s you telling them or Adele, they like it and are SO appreciative of it. Almost as appreciative as that time you didn’t have a dollar for Canyon Pizza and some blessed drunk stranger gave you the ultimate gift.

You will get surprising responses.

I don’t have anything to say to this, except I loved it.

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