Street style: Fall fashion on campus

How do you stay stylish in the colder weather?

Sweaters, flannels, scarves, and boots- it’s that time of the year again. Before the winter fully sets in and campus is overcome with the uniform of North Face parkas, leggings and combat boots, there’s still some sense of individuality.

With autumn in full bloom and winter approaching, students on campus need to adapt and dress for the colder weather.  Some students lean towards the sweatshirt-sweatpants look, but others won’t let the dropping temps keep them from looking their best.

Alyssa Marucci, Freshman, Biology


Alyssa looks casual and cute in her flannel and jeans from Urban Outfitters.  Her sweater-like red crop top is from Vanilla Sky, which warms up her look.  Her go-to tailgate shoe choice are white converse which are always a safe bet to wear to a frat-house.

Alyssa’s favorite thing about fall fashion is “how easy it is to dress up an outfit with a cute flannel or vest”.

Elle Lavorato, Freshman, Business


Elle looks beautiful, preppy, and put-together in her daylong outfit.  Her leggings are from Forever 21 and booties are from Metro.  The denim shirt, which is always a good choice to wear during the fall, is her roommates.  Most importantly, her statement necklace is from JCrew, which really ties her outfit together.

Elle loves the fall because “you’re able to wear neutral and non-flashy colors”.

Tommy Iagnemma, Freshman, Business

IMG_6122Tommy decides to show off a simple and classic fall-look for guys this season.

He’s wearing a flannel, which actually says “Penn State”, on it (perfect for tailgates) that he got from Dick’s Sporting Goods.  His pants are denim jeans from PacSun, which always look good with his classic Timberland boots.  To top off the look, he grabbed a hat from his desk for his accessory.

To stay stylish as the cold weather hits, Tommy says he’s going to invest in a nice jacket to wear around campus.

Laura Cardone, Freshman, Communications


Wearing a cozy and cute outfit, Laura explains that her favorite thing about fall fashion is that it “allows you to dress comfortably”.

Her sweater is from Lord&Taylor, which she is wearing over a plain black shirt from Forever 21.  She compliments the sweater with her black skinny jeans from American Eagle.  Her booties, which are a must for this fall-fashion season, are from Steve Madden, along with her trendy backpack to make her outfit complete.

Laura says she’s going to wear large and comfy sweaters this winter to keep her fashion on point while staying warm.

Jeff Kuc, Freshman, Business

IMG_6121Jeff is confidently sporting his favorite fall-fashion look.  Jeff says that his favorite thing about styling himself in the fall is how he can “incorporate new colors into his wardrobe”.

Jeff’s button down shirt, as well as his shoes, are from the Polo Outlet, and he got his timeless khaki’s from Kohl’s.

As for staying warm in the winter and looking good while doing it, Jeff admits that he’s going to try something new and “start wearing sweaters” this season.  We know he’ll look great.

Yash, Freshman, Finance

Photo on 11-17-15 at 1.58 PM #2

When asked Yash what his favorite thing about fall fashion was, he simply states, “sweater weather.”

He is wearing a very soft sweater that he bought at Cotton On with a plain white tee underneath.  His jeans, although they look like khakis, are from American Eagle.  Yash got his shoes from the Polo Outlet.  His go-to accessory is his customizable Google Watch, which he is proudly modeling in this photo.

Yash explains that in order to stay warm this winter, but stay fashionable,  he’s going to invest in a nice peacoat.

Erin, Freshman, Education

IMG_6129Erin is looking super cute and ready to daylong in her fashionable fall outfit.  She told me that her favorite thing about fall fashion is definitely “layering”.

Her shirt and scarf are both from Urban Outfitters, her jeans are from PacSun and her boots are from Steve Madden.  With this earthy outfit, Erin proves that you can still look super trendy while staying warm.

Taylor D’Anna, Freshman, Undecided


Taylor has mastered the art of creating the perfect tailgating look with all of her incorporated details in this look.

Starting with the basics, her white tee is from Brandy Melville and her army-green jeans are from Bebe.  To stay warm, she added her classic black vest from JCrew and a scarf from Urban Outfitters.  To keep all of her belongings safe, she wore her timeless cross-body bag by Tory Burch.  Like basically every other girl on campus, she decided that her white Converse from Journey’s would be the safest tailgate shoe choice.

Taylor’s favorite thing about fall fashion is “wearing scarves to make your outfits cuter and warmer”.

When you return after break, keep your eyes peeled for fall fashion-inspo from our peers right here at school.

No season will stop the great sense of style of Penn State students… but don’t forget, winter is coming.

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