NASA are looking for college grads as new astronauts

We asked Penn Staters if they think they have what it takes

NASA is currently looking for potential astronauts making this the perfect time you to finally live out your childhood dreams. Turns out all you need is a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Biological science, Physical Science or Mathematics (and a few other requirements, but I digress).

The applicant selection process is going to be strict, but those who are accepted could end up on the International space station or even Mars. Happy Valley’s got nothing on Mars…

With this in mind, The Tab asked some students if they thought they could be the next man or woman on the moon.

Grant Grasha, Junior, Public Relations


“Astronauts are among the smartest men, women, and chimps in the country. I don’t think that I have the intellect to be among them.”

Nick Santana, Junior, Broadcast Journalism


“You have to be smart to be an astronaut and I’m afraid of heights. I think it would be cool, but I could not do it.”

Sarah Vasile, Sophomore, Print/Digital Journalism


“I don’t personally believe I could be an astronaut. I have flight experience, my dad is a pilot and I am working on getting my license, but I don’t think I am qualified and I’m not interested. It’s too dangerous.”

Mandy Bell, Sophomore, Broadcast Journalism


“No. There is no chance. The amount of time spent in space, the limited food options, you have to be away from friends and family, and I don’t know how hard it would be on the mind and body. I don’t think I could do it.”

Kelly Petrie, Junior, Broadcast Journalism


“I personally don’t think I could be an astronaut. It takes a lot of courage, I don’t think I’m brave enough.”

Natsuni Soto, Senior, Nutrition


“No. I’m not really sure specifically what they do so I don’t think I’m qualified.”

Christian Deluccia, Junior, Telecommunications


“No. I don’t know what it takes to be an astronaut. I’d love to go up into space, but I don’t think I’d be qualified.”

Harrison Sincavage, Junior, Meteorology


“I actually thought about applying a few years after graduation. I am in a STEM field and meteorology relies heavily on applied Math and Physics. I have many doors open to me after graduation for potential positions in operational meteorology and three years of related work experience are required. There is a physical test and evaluation required too and I am in excellent shape as is.”

Ethan Levy, Freshman, Undecided


“No. I don’t think I’d be good for that long a flight.”

Nayan Tara, Senior, Psychology


“Probably not, because I don’t understand anything about physics.”

Rachel Farrell, Church Worker


“I would like to, but I don’t think I’m disciplined. It’s a lot of time and dedication and I don’t know if I want it that much.”

Erin Kraeshew, Freshman, Spanish and French


“No I’m not a science-type person.”

Ian McGinniss, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer


“Yeah. I was in the military before I came here. You have to be smart, but anyone can learn anything with dedication.”

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