The how-to guide to Penn State football fashion

Because only wearing an oversized t-shirt is officially socially acceptable

Football season has numerous meanings to this student body.

It marks the beginning of tailgate and daylong season. It proves starting the day at 8 am shotgunning a beer is arguably easier than starting the day with an 8 am lecture. It is a time and place where all Penn Staters can sway arm in arm to the Alma Mater with friends and classmates as the best student section in the nation.

But the biggest dilemma facing people on football season is not what tailgate to go to, but what to wear.

To embrace the casual and the comfortable and still stay cute, the intelligent females here at PSU have accepted the challenge of turning this school’s typical football attire into elaborate and creative outfits.

Penn State always has us covered in this realm of merchandise. But when it comes to unisex t-shirts and sweatshirts, the females here have to think outside the box in regards to game-day outfits. After all, they only have half a season at Beaver Stadium to get those candid Penn State Insta-pics that will leave all your followers asking “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?”

Enough of the story behind these outfits, how about learning how to make them? For your benefit, I have broken down 4 game-day looks based on difficulty to help you for future home games. I give you…

The Easy How-To T-Shirt Guide to PSU Football Season:

We first have the most complicated look of them all.


Junior Lauren Fiorentino shows off her braiding skills at a daylong

However, this braided open-back look isn’t as complicated as you might think! I broke this look into 5 steps:
  1. Cut sleeves off of t-shirt and create a racer-back tank.
  2. Cut the racer back from the collar (your shirt should now have a flap in the back)
  3. Now cut that flap into 3 strips
  4. Braid the strips
  5. Sew back to collar with needle and thread

It’s do-able! But for those brave souls, I must say this: may the odds forever be in your favor.

The next look is just the open back halter. Many girls choose this one because it’s not too complicated, and they can pair it with a cute bralette!

The all-open back can be broken down into these easy steps:

Junior Ally Schwing

Junior Ally Schwing strutting the tailgates in style

  1. Cut sleeves off t-shirt and create a deep racer back tank (make sure to cut the sleeves low)
  2. Cut the racer back from the collar your shirt should now have flap in the back)
  3. Proceed to cut off the flap
  4. Cut a slit in the remaining bottom of the shirt
  5. Tie the two ends of the t-shirt together in a knot. TA-DA!

Now if that’s too much for you still, here are the two easy looks that ANYONE can do in minimal time and effort.

First is the crop tank top.


Not too shabby if I do say so myself

  1. Cut sleeves off of t-shirt
  2. Cut collar off of tank
  3. Cut off bottom of tank as high as you want to make it cropped
  4. Pair with a cute pair of high-wasted jeans and you are good to go!

Last but not least… the go- to sack dress!

Junior: Kiki Olufowobi

Junior Kiki Olufowobi rocks the XL jersey and of course a Nittany Lion tattoo

  1. Buy oversized t-shirt or jersey
  2. Basically make it look like you’re not wearing pants/don’t wear pants

For most Penn Staters, football season goes by faster each and every year. So my piece of advice for my fellow Penn State girls is this: live every game-day up. Get creative and make a statement with game-day outfits. Because soon enough it’ll be all sweatshirts and winter coats to lock against the brutal cold in Beaver Stadium. But at the end of the season, we won’t only be the school with the best student section, we will be the school redefining the Big Ten’s game-day attire one cropped t-shirt at a time.

Happy Football Season Ladies!

Penn State