Trump and Biden to attend Penn graduation

Penn police are preparing for the possibility of protestors

Both Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden are expected to attend Penn’s graduation ceremony on May 15th.

Parents and guests have been advised to arrive two hours early to the ceremony, which is scheduled to begin at 6:30pm at Franklin Field (in the event of bad weather, it will be moved to the Palestra). Penn police are working together with the city police and the Secret Service to prepare for everything, including the possibility of protestors.

Trump will be there for his daughter Tiffany, and Biden will attend for his granddaughter, Naomi, both of whom will be graduating. Neither Trump nor Biden will be speaking at the event, and neither is expected to attend the main commencement ceremony the following Monday, where commencement speaker Lin-Manuel Miranda will address the graduating class.

Penn’s vice president for public safety, Maureen Rush, called this commencement “probably the most unusual we’ve had so far.”

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