Petition launched to address Penn’s ‘over-stressed student culture’

‘An open discussion must be initiated within the Penn community’

A petition has surfaced urging Penn administration to address mental health resources on campus

The petition begins: “We, students and supporters of the University of Pennsylvania, are writing to express our concern over the state of mental health and the over-stressed student culture.”

It goes on to outline immediate problems to be addressed, urging an open discussion within the Penn community to come up with “immediate, goal-oriented, and actionable plans” for improvement.

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The petition

The points of discussion outlined in the petition include: waiting time for CAPS support, level of Mental Health Awareness training for RAs and educators, the process and consequences of withdrawing from classes or taking a leave of absence and the potential establishment of a crisis response team to support the Penn community during traumatic events.

The petition has garnered over 2,800 signatures – halfway towards its goal of 5,000.

“I’m sick of Penn not directly addressing the issues of mental health and suicide. Address it and put actions in place. Call it as it is,” wrote in one supporter.

“I am tired of remaining silent while I watch my friends and classmates continue to suffer,” another student wrote. “I am tired of hearing of new programs and surveys that do nothing to actually initiate positive change.”

Earlier this week, the Penn community mourned the loss of Olivia Kong, 21.

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