VIDEO: The Jones triplets show you the ultimate dorm room work out

‘Get it in without the gym’

The Jones brothers – Malik, Khalil and Ahmad – started 3hree Triplets Fitness in high school.  They were looking for “something to do,” or a way to fit in. As fitness and sports have been such a big part of their lives, they took to publishing workout videos with a desire to help people achieve their goals, and all the while do something that they themselves are passionate about. Their slogan, “Be Greater,” highlights their goal to help people see the best versions of themselves.

Their ultimate goal is to achieve notoriety as personal trainers and to essentially promote the idea that doing something you love will never be “work.” In the dorm room workout below, they speak to all of us who make the excuse we don’t have time to go to the gym.

At Penn, which Malik describes as having a “very pre-professional” culture, the triplets want to encourage the pursuit of startups that take skills you learn from pre-professional majors and apply them to programs reflective of your interests – even if it drifts away from the stereotypical Wharton image.

In terms of how they’ve been received at the University, Malik says that they have yet to receive negative feedback. “They’re either feeling it, or they don’t mind it,” he said.

So, reach out to them, step outside the box – maybe you’ll feel it, and if not, hopefully you keep it to yourself.


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