The Tab has launched at Penn

Socially focused news for the social Ivy

Today, we officially launch The Tab at Penn and invite you to join our student media revolution.

As the social Ivy , we are proud to introduce the first publication that will do justice to that title.

From today, we’re here as your source for reliable and engaging stories, ranging from breaking news on Locust Walk to features on the local legends and celebrities on campus.

Penn launch splash

On a daily basis, our team of Penn reporters will be publishing stories highlighting the variety of experiences only available here.

From its conception at Cambridge University in 2009, The Tab has refocused student media back towards the issues that matter in students’ lives.

We aren’t trying to be The New York Times and we also aren’t interested in spreading anonymous gossip.

Our expertise lies in delivering you original, unbiased, factual stories with a voice exclusively crafted by Penn students for Penn students.

Like our Facebook page, invite your friends, share your favorite stories, and be sure to check in daily for all of the latest from Penn.

Have a look at this if you are interested in learning more about becoming a reporter for The Tab at Penn.

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