An Oregon student’s guide to not to panicking about finals

Ready, set… breathe

We're in week 10 which means finals are just around the corner. Yes, we know the warning signs: assignments are due and we’re studying like mad for tests. For many of us, these are the times that mean one thing: you're probably panicking.

Yet there is no need to panic. I get it, I definitely understand that this is the prime season for panic mode but you don’t need to go completely nuts. And I’m going to tell you how not to lose it:

Go to Office hours

Your teachers are there to help you and want to help you. That’s why they have office hours. If you don’t understand something go and ask the teacher they will be glad to help you. They can also help you to not stress yourself out and lose your mind.

Hint: Instructors can also clarify assignments or rubrics which can be extremely helpful when getting ready to submit an assignment.

Find your ideal study space

Find your spot and get comfy. There are many places on campus to finish those lingering assignments

This one is important because you have to find somewhere you can be both productive and get stuff done. Find a place that has been good for your study habits over the term and hunker down and study. Or to finish that massive assignment that may make or break your grade.

Tip: My go-to is usually thrid floor of Allen Hall.

Meet with your GE

Keep you knowledge close, and your essentials closer

If you’re in one of those big classes that has a GE (our equivalent of a TA) go talk to them if you’re struggling or need to understand something.

Helpful hint: Your GEs will usually be the ones who grade your assignments so they can tell you what they’re looking for so you can get a good grade.


Your eyes and brain need a rest at some point

This one is important anytime of the term but even more so when you’re panicked and stressed. When your brain is fried and you aren’t rested it drains you mentally and physically and you won’t be able to produce good work. So if you’re working for a bit and need a breather, stop and take a catnap to recharge the batteries and get moving again.

Tip: Your body will love you for it and so will your sanity.

Lean on your friends/classmates

They know what you’re going through and are going through the slog right with you. Helpful tip: form study groups and work together to get ready for the tests.

Finals are almost here and people are stressed and only *kind of* freaking out. But there is no need to panic. Just follow the above tips and you should be fine. Also if you do need to pull that all nighter to finish that assignment: then drink some coffee.

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