Here are all the last minute Halloween costumes you can use at UO

The weekend might be over but Halloween isn’t

Although many have had their costumes thought out weeks in advance, every Halloween brings plenty of people who have no idea what do dress up as as the holiday draws nearer. If you didn't attend a Halloween party in a getup this weekend, there's still time to decide on a costume.

Here are some ideas that are sure to get plenty of love here in Eugene"

The Oregon Duck

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What you'll need: A green Oregon shirt and hat, white pants, orange tube socks and a makeshift orange duck beak.

Optional: Orange shoes and white gloves.

Instructions: Find a duck beat tutorial on YouTube and get your color-coordinated outfit together. Don't forget to wear the correct colors in the correct places!

Coach Willie Taggart

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It isn't hard to see that our own coach Taggart is one of the coolest men in college football. If you're like me and want to be like coach, I highly suggest dressing up like him.

What you'll need: As much damn Duck gear that you can round up, and make sure that hat is a beauty of a visor just like the one above. Also, to add to the asthetic of the costume, throw on one of those gaming headsets that plenty of us used to wear excessively while chatting on Xbox Live.

Optional: A clipboard/playbook.

Instructions: Pretty self-explanatory, dress for success.

A Dough Co. Box

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This was a spur of the moment idea brought about by another 2 am Dough Co. order. If anyone actually pulled this off it would be pretty impressive.

What you'll need: White cardboard or poster board, a hole puncher and some black string, and khaki/tan clothing.

Optional: Some dipping sauce prop.

Instructions: Take two pieces of cardboard or poster board and make two holes on the top of each of them. Loop the black string between the two to make a circle you can put your head through. Wear the khaki or tan clothing on underneath to symbolize the calzone itself inside the box. Write on the box the flavor of your choosing.


This costume may be the most fitting costume for Eugene, as the city has a massive sub-culture of 60s loving hippies.

What you'll need: Bright, vibrant colors, "teashades" (wire-rim sunglasses), loose-flowing harem pants, a bandana and positive energy.

Optional: A long-haired wig.

Instructions: Another simple getup, all you have to do is go out and buy the necessary clothing. Eugene is full of thrift stores, the most prominent chains being St. Vincent De Paul and Goodwill. Head on over and shop around, you're more than likely to find what you're looking for.

Oregon State Beaver

What you'll need: Just cut a hole in a trash bag and voila, you're an OSU student.

Scoooooo Ducks!

These costumes are sure to spark up conversation on Hallows eve. And don't forget to send us pictures of your Eugene Halloween costumes on Twitter @thetaboregon.

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