‘Unpack the quack’: Oregon athletes help students move into dorms

Don’t we all wish we could be so lucky

Student athletes from the football, baseball, and acrobatic and tumbling teams were present to lend a helping hand moving students into the dorms.

Let's be real: moving isn't the most glamorous task, and most of us will gladly take as much help as we can get. As you lug suitcases and other dorm essentials up multiple flights of stairs, you live in a daydream that you'll find a friendly soul who's willing to help lift that one extra box you just couldn't leave at home.

For some incoming students, the dream came true on Thursday when they interacted with some of the Oregon student athletes as they volunteered as part of the annual move-in tradition of 'Unpack the Quack.'

Leave it to Oregon athletes to give new ducks and their families a nice welcome. To the athletes who leant helping hands, we salute you!

University of Oregon