Former Oregon volleyball players speak out after former coach’s resignation

‘I felt like I was mentally abused and I suffered because of mistreatment’

The Oregon volleyball team has had some shifts in its program after the resignation of head coach Jim Moore earlier in March. Moore and his wife and team assistant coach Stacy Metro were called out for alleged verbal abuse to Moore’s former teams members while using words such as ‘stupid’ and ’embarrassing’.

According to the Register Guard, Naya Crittenden and Nicole Kevorken, two of Moore’s former players, came forward last week in open letters to the university stating their thoughts on Moore’s stepping down.

‘For five months these people ridiculed me, embarrassed me, abused me, and made my life a living hell,’ Kevorken said in her letter.
Both women talked about the negative mental component that Coach Moore brought upon them.

‘I would be lying if I said that hearing the news of Jim and Stacy’s firing wasn’t one of the most shocking but happiest days of my life,’ Crittenden wrote.

‘If Jim and Stacy felt like you didn’t fit in or you weren’t exactly what they wanted, they would turn their backs on you and as dramatic as this may sound, it’s almost as if you became the bane of their existence.’

In addition to their personal letters, Crittenden and Kevorken released a letter co-signed with Haylee Roberts, Canace Finley, Chloe Buckendahl and Maddie Magge.

‘Their misconduct was never dealt with properly by the athletic department even when individuals came forward,’ Crittenden said.
‘For those of us who have signed this letter, we can rest easier knowing that the former coaches are no longer in a position to negatively impact young athletes and we no longer feel ashamed to identify ourselves as former Oregon Ducks.’
 Moore declined to comment as told by the Register Guard.

Moore will retire starting May 15, 2017, but in the meantime is working remotely on a transition plan for the team going forward.

However, while Metro is no longer coaching she remains an employee of UO.

Featured image courtesy of The University of Oregon Volleyball Facebook page 

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