Former Oregon student convicted in case stemming from woman’s complaint

The former student is on probation

A former University of Oregon student will serve probation after being convicted in a case that stemmed from a fellow student’s allegation that she had been sexually violated at a party. Twenty year-old Daniel James Ennis was sentenced to five years probation on Monday at the Lane County Circuit Court, and has been ordered for sex offender treatment.

‘The victim reported that she had engaged in ‘some consensual sexual activity’ with Ennis before he went too far with her against her consent,’ said Lane County Assistant District Attorney Katherine Green.

According to the Register Guard, the case comes from an incident in January 2016 in a private residence near the UO campus. Ennis filed a guilty, or ‘Alford’ plea, to a felony charge but won’t be registered as a sex offender, since coercion isn’t a sex crime. In addition to probation and sex offender treatment, Judge Curtis Conover also cut off Ennis from contact with the victim.

The victim worried about becoming injured if she left during contact, but she did get away.

‘The victim said she feared being injured had she tried to leave during the encounter, but eventually did get away from Ennis and went to police with her story,’ Green said.

By filing an Alford guilty plea, Ennis didn’t admit the allegation but acknowledged that he could still be proven guilty.

According to Green, the woman didn’t attend Ennis’ hearing but she’s ‘happy to have this to be over.’

Ennis is no longer enrolled at UO and lives in the Portland area, but has declined to comment.


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