Everything Oregon students need to stop doing

Are we in college or on an adult playground?

College is an exciting place, and for many it means living on their own for the first time. However, even with the increased workload you’d think that past pet peeves such as leaving water bottles on the ground would be a thing of the past. As great as Oregon students are, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have our bad habits.

Even though it’s important to embrace our deficiencies, we’ve had enough- here’s everything that Oregon students need to stop doing:

Dropping your iClicker in class

News flash: these clickers don’t work so well when the batteries are on the ground.

It’s hard enough to pay attention while people are laughing at the professor’s last comment, but fiddling with the technology in your hands only enhances the background noise. Plus, you’ll spend half the lecture trying to put the batteries back in their proper place before the next quiz question, so you’re missing the material either way.

Spreading out books in a booth that’s meant for groups

There’s enough seating for multiple patrons for a reason people.

Even though the remodeled EMU has blessed us with spacious booths that make it ideal for spreading out every textbook, they’re meant for study groups, not as a surface to put your books on so you can form a pillow.

Taking up the largest study rooms when only 2 people use it

While it’s hard to study in a bustling place like the EMU and the library rooms are spacious, they’re meant for groups and study sessions.

It’s not the worst thing, but sometimes it’s stressful for large groups to find other places to spread out that’s not in a quiet area. Please, just find the smaller study rooms so you don’t have to worry about moving later on.

Stopping in the middle of sidewalks to finish a text message

It’s like stopping your car in the middle of the street, the sudden stoppage to respond to your latest texts makes it easy for someone to run into the back of you.

While multitasking seems like an easy thing to execute, trust me it’s not. Being glued to your phone makes it easy to freewheel walking around the street, and cutting people off a specialty. For everyone’s safety, please keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Leaving blackboards un-erased after use

If you have enough energy to erase part of the board, then for the love of the chalk please erase the entirety of it.

We get that you have classes and groups asking you to vacate the room, but please erase the work you put on the board so we don’t have to worry about confusing our Organic Chemistry equation with your Calculus problem.

Packing up before the professor’s finished

Hold it there, Duck. That 10 minute turn around can make it hard to get to your next class, but most people are trying to take notes on the last few slides of the lecture.

After all the professor is still talking, and more importantly is talking about some important information that will probably appear on the final.

Complaining about the freezing temperature when you’re not wearing a jacket

We all have the weather app on our phones in one form or another, so please check it before you leave your room. It’s hard to be sympathetic towards someone wearing shorts when they knew it was going to snow outside.

It doesn’t have to be a double-layered Patagonia jacket, but bring a couple of extra layers in your backpack just in case the classic Eugene weather kicks in and brings a cold spell.

Taking the elevator up one floor when you can take the stairs

Most buildings have the luxury of having an elevator ready for any convenience. While it’s tempting to take the elevator every time you have to go beyond the ground level, it stalls those who have to take it up five floors.

The constant stopping of the elevator on every floor can get tiring, and in some instances can delay the journey upwards even more, so unless you’ve broken your leg or have an injury please take the stairs.

Leaving litter on the ground

Please, just please don’t throw your cups on the ground, we have recycle and compost bins for a reason.

Unfortunately Starbucks cups and sandwich wrappers don’t count as part of the campus beautification project, and with spring upon us let’s keep our campus pretty for all of us to enjoy. After all, with campus tours going on we want to make it look presentable.



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