The best places to nap on Oregon’s campus

No one will judge you for falling asleep in public

It’s Week 8, and we’re in the home stretch of winter term. Even though we have finals in three weeks, many of us still have midterms, meaning we’re making late night pushes in anticipation of the race to the finish line. With everything going on, you’re bound to run out of energy but it’s hard to find a convenient place to rest when you’re on campus all day.

Given your time constraints, here are some places on campus that you can put your head down for a quick recharge:

Taylor lounge in the EMU

It’s by the fireplace, too

Need to sprawl out somewhere comfy? The couches in the Taylor Lounge are perfect for an afternoon snooze in the EMU. If you time it right, you might catch someone playing the piano to help ease you into some shuteye.

Couches next to the cage in Allen Hall

Dreaming of checking out the new Nikon

Take a nice siesta on the couches in the way back by the Cage on the first floor! Sometimes you need a little rest and relaxation before your two hour class.

The chairsĀ on the third floor of Allen Hall

‘Just five more minutes…’

The chairs on the third floor of Allen Hall are also a great spot to study and rest up. They’re as comfortable as they look, because once you sit down you’ll never want to get up!

Knight library

Shhh… I just can’t anymore

This one is self explanatory. Whether you pass out on the round couches on the second floor or right at a desk, you know you can catch some solid shut-eye anywhere in the lib! It’s quiet and has the perfect lighting to let your eyes flutter.

Straub Hall

Dreaming of acing all your classes

The chairs on the second floor are calling your name to kick back and get some shuteye. It’s cozy and you have a nice view looking out the window, too.

Pacific Hall

If you need be I’ll be napping in a ball

Some of the comfiest couches and recliners you” ever rest your head on are located right at the entrance of Pacific Hall. Grab your blanket and catch some z’s!

The Law library

Put all your thinking on pause for a quick snooze

Tired of hitting the books? Catch up on some sleep in the Law Library on the first floor. The couches are perfect to lean back and close your eyes.

The Community Room in Lillis

I’m never leaving this couch and you can’t make me

This spot is tucked away on the 4th floor of Lillis, but is totally worth finding for some peace and quiet after a hectic day. If you’re lucky, the this room will be completely empty.

Fenton Hall

Counting sheep- I mean, solving differential equations

There’s a nice bench in the corner right when you walk in the entrance of Fenton Hall. It’s a good place to study…or pass out. That works too.

Science library

FYI it’s completely acceptable to be that tired

Spacious rooms and long tables make this an ideal spot for getting a quick nap. The chairs are really comfy, too and are perfect for putting your head down on the table.

While all these places are ideal for napping, let’s be honest, during mid-term and finals weeks you can fall asleep anywhere.

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