BREAKING: ASUO tables discussion on funding requests by club sports

The discussion could continue for the next two weeks

The ASUO (Associated Students of the University of Oregon) have voted to table the discussion of granting funds for club sports on campus after the initial proposal last week.

UO Club sports members make up 13.5% of the campus and are involved in one of the 37 club teams on campus. In the past, club teams have been able to request funds from the student budget to cover travel expenses to national competitions and airfare. However, without their request of $50,000 granted, a request granted for the last four years, they would lose the ability to cover those travel expenses for each team.

Representatives from UO Club Sports were in attendance to speak on behalf of the 37 club teams, many of whom were in attendance at tonight’s meeting.

‘Personally I feel like there were a lot of inefficiencies and circular discussion but I do feel that the senate was fair in their proceedings,’ said Club Sports representative Jack Dulzo.

A proposed $50,000 was presented to give Club Sports a chance to fund trips to nationals.

“The $50,000 is to go towards our incidental fund which we use to help fund club sports teams, coaching, and national events around the country year-round,” Delzo said.

With the ongoing debate, members went back and forth on whether to overturn the previously-vetoed decision of giving the teams money without presenting themselves to the senate before traveling to each competition. However after tonight, the club sports committee is doubtful that the cards will fall in their favor.

“I think it’s possible but unlikely given the circumstances. But we’re willing to stay the course as long as we need to,” Dulzo said.

The ASUO senate will resume the discussion next Wednesday, all are welcome.


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