Every reason why Oregon is the best basketball school in the PAC 12

Who doesn’t love the Duck?

Oregon is known for college athletics, and attending games is a long-standing student tradition. One of the teams that is most popular right now is the Ducks’ basketball team, who are 24-4 and are second in the PAC-12. Given the large amount of excitement, many students wait up nights in order to buy tickets to watch the Men’s basketball team.

From the roaring crowd to the Pit Crew, here’s why Oregon has the best basketball team in the PAC 12:

Matthew Knight Arena

That court though

Matthew Knight Arena is home to many Division 1 athletics teams. However, unlike other events, basketball attracts just as many fans. Since its opening in 2011, Matthew Knight Arena has held hundreds of basketball games and other entertaining events.

The fans

Best seats in the house

The student section’s made up of a diverse number of students that put all of their energy into every game, which adds excitement to the players and the fans as the starting line-up is announced. Arena employees help coordinate with the fans to get the attention of the team, and other fans, like green glow in-the-dark lights.

The Pit Crew

It’s lit

Basically, the Pit Crew is a large group of students that are die hard Oregon Basketball fans. The Pit Crew constantly strives to better the atmosphere in the arena, while cheering on the players.

The Duck

‘Hey Puddles, come and dance with me!’

Puddles, a fan favorite, is constantly roaming throughout the Matthew Knight Arena while greeting students and fans around from all around the country.

Coach Altman

While the basketball team warms up, the arena is packed with loud and cheering fans, many of whom are students. While the team ultimately makes the winning difference, a large part of that is the coaching of Dana Altman. The fans appreciate Altman for leading the team to so many victories, and look forward to many more.

The players


With the stamp that Coach Altman has left on the men’s basketball team this season, it’s no surprise that the student section is always full. All throughout the season, the student section was packed, cheering every chant with pride.

The team’s reputation 

Along with all Division 1 athletics at UO, the men’s basketball team also has a strong reputation . With the winning ways that Oregon possess in terms of athletics, it’s no wonder why so many adoring fans and students line up to watch the team put on a show.

The record

With the win against Colorado on Saturday, fans got to witness an undefeated home-game winning streak. The Ducks now hold a 42 win streak at home, one of the best in the country.

The rivalry

Along with our amazing record, Oregon is known for facing off against their biggest rival, Oregon State. Because of this unique relationship, many individuals come to watch each teams’ camaraderie and competition.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere in the arena is instantly filled with glorified fans and students hoping for excellence. We’d like to think that a part of the men’s basketball team’s success is in part due to the dedicated fans that fill the air with joy and commitment.

With the regular season concluding, it was a another tremendous year for Oregon basketball. We love getting to cheer on our incredible Men’s Basketball team and are looking forward to cheering for them in the PAC 12 tournament and beyond.



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