The battle for the Golden Egg starts right now

Wake up, it’s rivalry week

This week, we are supposed to sit around and think about the things that we are most thankful for in life. Most of us are thinking about our family, our friends, our pets and the fact that we’re not as screwed up as some of the members of our family.

I, for one, and thankful that rivalry week of college football is finally among us.

Can we all agree that the final week of regular season college football is by far the most exciting? We have undefeated, and No. 1 Alabama playing the No. 16 Auburn Tigers.  We have No. 24 Tennessee playing Vanderbilt.  No. 15 Florida State takes on Florida at home.  No. 4 Clemson battles South Carolina at home.

The battle that I’m most excited for (the most important one)? Ole Miss taking on Mississippi State at home for the Battle of the Golden Egg.

The Egg Bowl, as it is affectionally called, is a rivalry that people take so seriously that they stopped talking to me when I transferred from Mississippi State to Ole Miss last year.  I traded my cowbell in for a “Hotty Toddy” chant and learned who my real friends were.

The first time I set foot on the Ole Miss campus, I was clad in my maroon and white and missing the comfort that came from a  Saturday in Davis Wade Stadium.  I remember being furious when my No. 4 Mississippi State Bulldogs fell to the Ole Miss Rebels.  The Ole Miss fans were obnoxious, and the amount of red they were wearing was just tacky.  I thought the world would never see the day when I was cheering for the Rebels instead.

Last year, the amount of Twitter followers had I lost didn’t matter because Ole Miss had, once again, dominated the Bulldogs with a 38-27 final score. It had been a highly anticipated football game where Ole Miss was ranked No. 18 in the nation, and Mississippi State had been ranked No. 21.

This year, Ole Miss has more on the line.  They must defeat Mississippi State for any hope of ending this season with a bowl game. Ole Miss is also looking for their third consecutive Egg Bowl win over Mississippi State, which means that the bragging rights come at a higher stake than ever.

No matter how many times the Rebs have made me say “WTF?????” or made me buy an entirely new red and blue wardrobe, I am still so thankful for Ole Miss football and the fact that I no longer have to pretend like cowbells don’t give me the worlds worst migraine.

So, this weekend let’s give ’em hell Rebs. Fins up. Hotty Toddy, and all of that.

Ole Miss: University of Mississippi