How much sleep do Ole Miss students actually get?

Hint: Not enough

Raise your hand if you need a nap right now. Everybody? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Jawbone, a company that makes wearable tech with the ability to measure how many hours of sleep you get, has compiled data (a total of 1.4 million nights of sleep worth) on the sleep habits of college students all over the country. And let me just tell you: it’s not pretty.

Data compiled included a student’s average weekday bedtimes and rise times, their average weekend bedtimes and rise times, and how long they actually spent sleeping and not, like, tossing and turning while panicking about their Organic Chem final.

Ole Miss students, on average, go to bed each weeknight at 12:08 a.m., and wake up each weekday at 7:55 a.m. (pretty impressive, actually). That puts the average amount of sleep per weeknight at 7.12 hours – not too bad, all things considered. And certainly much better than the US military schools, which average only 6.38 hours of sleep per weeknight (don’t envy them at all).

No matter how hard you’re studying, remember we all need a break sometimes. If you’re feeling a little sleepy as you read this, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a much-deserved nap. Sweet dreams, Rebs.

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