The unofficial spring parties survival guide

It’s that time of year again

Spring semester boasts several must-have experiences for Ole Miss students, but the most unique social events this time of year are definitely spring parties. While spring parties may seem daunting, especially for freshmen, don’t stress: we’ve got you covered with this complete survival guide.


First and foremost, eat breakfast. You have a long day ahead of you, so do yourself a favor and at least grab a Pop-Tart before you grab a beer. Do not plan on eating at the party because there will be no chips and queso, just Natty Light and maybe some crawfish.

If you aren’t a beer drinker, take your own drink. Stop by Sonic on the way to the bus, order a Route 44 of your choice, and add your poison.

Getting to the party is the actual worst, so get on the bus early. ~You’re welcome.~

This could be you if you truly believe in yourself

What to wear

When it comes to your wardrobe for spring parties, there are seriously no rules. You could literally wear a Teletubbies onesie if you wanted, but for those who wouldn’t dare to ever be different, here are a few general ideas for each spring party.

Pike’s Charles Sumner, Beta’s High Cotton, KA’s Hayseed, Sigma Chi’s Groundhog Day, ATO’s Gator Bash, and SAE’s Paddy Murphy all have roughly the same dress code: sassy redneck.

For example, the shortest booty shorts possible with a plaid tied around your waist are a must. Tops should also be as small as possible. Got a new John Deer t-shirt? Cut that shit off and make it a crop top! God forbid you didn’t show enough skin at a frat party.

Booty shorts, check. Boots, check. Plaid, check. John Deer crop-top, check. Gator hat, optional.

Shoes get tricky, because if you’re like me and would rather die than own a pair of cowgirl boots, sneakers work just as well. Word to the wise though, DO NOT wear nice shoes – you will ruin them. (I promise you I speak from experience. Woodstock 2K15 was a damn mess, RIP to my white Vans.)

Speaking of which, Sigma Nu’s Woodstock offers a great opportunity for us all to embrace our inner-hipster. If you don’t plan on wearing a flower headband then please stay at home, because Woodstock is not about “being yourself.” Woodstock is about conforming to what is expected of you, and what is expected of you is to wear an obnoxious flower headband with a whimsical tank top, booty shorts, and sneakers.

So much flower power in one picture! PS: digging the fanny pack.

Phi Delt’s Ivy League is guaranteed to be a hot mess. Let me be blunt: Ivy League is your chance to have a high time with your friends. Your outfit can be as trippy as imaginable. Phi Delt is the perfect opportunity to blaze new fashion trails. Also, I’m pretty sure Ivy League starts at 4:20, so no rush dude.

Kappa Sig’s South Seas is my personal favorite spring party. With this super summery theme, if you don’t wear a swimsuit as a top, what are you doing with your life? If your midriff isn’t peeking out between a bikini top and a blow-up pool ring positioned around your waist then you are living your life wrong.

Anything red, white, and blue is an easy go-to, but the bikini top paired with the American Flag skirt is killin’ it.

Accessories should be minimal because you don’t want to be bogged down by extra weight. Fanny packs are a solid option, and sunglasses are obviously a must. Sunscreen, Chapstick, and extra ponytail holders will be your BFFs.

At the party

When you head over to the cooler (AKA a kiddie pool filled with ice and Natty), always grab two. Beer goes fast on a hot Mississippi day in a field, so always have your bases covered.

Enjoy the band! Most bands and/or DJs for spring parties are super fun and open to requests.

Grab your friends and hit the hay. Literally. There is always an abundance of fresh hay at spring parties, and nothing says friendship like taking a picture together in a pile of itchy, bug-filled hay.

This photo literally makes me itchy, but look how cute it is!

Most importantly, spring parties only happen once a year, so make the most of them and have a badass time!

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