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I was planning on blacking out anyway tbh



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I went to Too’s with my mom and she got proposed to

Meanwhile, I can’t get a guy to text me back

Of course a lawyer from Michigan is going to sue OSU for refusing to let a white nationalist speak

Surprise, surprise, Richard Spencer’s lawyer is from Michigan

Active Minds at OSU spreads awareness about mental health stigma

And so, I persist

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Remember that one time OSU crowned a cow as Homecoming Queen?

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Puerto Rican Student Association collecting donations for Hurricane Maria aid

Proceeds will benefit United for Puerto Rico

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The memes are glorious

Tell us how you tailgate and we’ll tell you if you’ll make it to the game

Go hard or go home

No, Ohio State doesn’t believe only white people can be racist

‘It is not the position of The Ohio State University that only white people can be racist’

Drackett Tower’s water turned off for testing of legionella bacteria

Student diagnosed with Legionella pneumonia possibly linked to water from Drackett Tower

Too’s Spirits Under High will celebrate last day with 22 hours of Too’s

Thanks for the memories