The most Instagram worthy spots on campus

Get ready to grab your BFF for a photoshoot

Face it, campus can get a little boring during the week, and sometimes on the weekends. Maybe Bulls won't take your friend's fake ID or Midway is a little too sloppy and you're dying for something to do. Need a fun alternative to cure your boredom? Grab some friends, grab a camera, and check out these unique campus spots.

The CABS buses

Maybe this sounds a bit weird, but hear me out. The CABS buses are good for more than shortening your commute to class. They have an interesting vintage feel with the funky, patterned cloth seats. Throw on some ripped jeans, your mom's vintage band tee, and have your friend snap some candids. People have done stranger things on the bus.

Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

Although I’m sure you could take pictures inside, the light stone on the outside of the museum is the perfect neutral background. It also has extending benches if you're feeling bold and looking for something to serve as a runway.

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The vent outside Raney Hall

If you’re looking to add some special effects to your Insta photo, this is the place to go. Forget a filter, the steam from the vents gives your pictures an effortless artsy feel.

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Mendoza House

This area is cute and homey, perfect for a spring photo shoot, especially if you're taking graduation pictures. You can break out a spring dress and sunhat or wear whatever casual outfit you threw on for class.

The brick pathway on North campus

The path extends as far as the eye can see. After the sun sets they even turn on the Christmas lights still wrapped around the trees and lamp posts. The lights create a beautiful night time glow.

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The Engineering Building

You know, the one with all the pretty changing lights. It's hard not to admire the honeycomb shaped lights when you're walking to class. It’s an ideal location if you're looking for a less traditional background and hard to miss on any Insta feed.

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Buckeye Grove

After the first snow of the year there’s a Christmas feel, and in the spring the buckeye trees are finally in full bloom. Buckeye Grove looks breathtaking year round. Right now, the leaves on the trees are scarce, so it might be best to wait for some warmer weather to snap any pictures.

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The walls outside Lincoln Tower

These walls have small vines growing across them, and the gray of the concrete walls make another great neutral background. Definitely a spot to check out, as long as you’re ready for the hike.

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Of course, any spot on campus can be a location for a photo shoot if you want it to be. Inside a classroom, the dorms, and any green space. It depends on what aesthetic you're going for.The choice is yours and the possibilites are endless.

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