From Tipsy to Tidy: These OSU grad students want to take care of the post-party mess for you

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else clean your house after a rager?

It happens to the best of us. We throw a party and it was "lit", but now it’s over. The guests are gone and now all that’s left is the mess. Let’s be real, no one wants to deal with cleaning, especially when they're hungover.

From Tipsy to Tidy is a post-party cleaning service run by two Ohio State graduate students. The Tab sat down with Tina, one of the founders, for an exclusive interview.

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From Tipsy to Tidy founders Tina and Emily

Why did you form this company?

Tina: So you know how people say they came up with ideas in the shower? This is 100 percent a shower idea. I did undergrad in Colorado, and if you know anything about Colorado, you know they love to throw down and have parties. And, so I’ve been to a lot of icky house parties where I’ve been there like “Oh man, what are they gonna do in the morning? This is gonna suck.” So I was in the shower and I said to myself, why doesn’t this exist? I’m sure this exists somewhere. So I looked it up and it exists in Australia, parts of LA, Amsterdam and I thought ya know, it’s not patented or anything and it didn’t exist here so I decided to make it a thing. So I asked my roommate, “Hey, why don’t we clean up after people's ragers?”

How did you get the name?

Tina: So we were playing around with some ideas and so I'm throwing around ideas to my cohort before class and this girl Sarah, who's amazing, she said, "Why don't you call it From Tipsy to Tidy?" She just came up with it on the spot! And I'm like, I will credit you if we make it huge let's do it.

In terms of service, what will you do/not do?

Tina: As for what we don’t do, I will not deal with fluids that come out of a human. Vomit is kind of a gray area, like if it’s on a hardwood floor fine, but it’s usually a case by case basis. I won’t clean up after your pet. Your pet didn’t party, you decided to party with your pet. We also only clean what’s on your property. We don’t take out your trash (but we will put the trash in the dumpsters/pull it all together, put your recycling together). I won’t ask you how old you are either. I’m going to assume you had a legal adult party. As for what we do offer, vacuuming (if you provide one), cleaning floors, cleaning all surfaces, cleaning glassware/bowls/dishes that are around (no bongs/drug related stuff though) and bathrooms. We’ll also do special requests for cleaning that is not party related on a case by case basis.

What products do you use?

Tina: We try to use green cleaning products because they don’t smell as chemically. However, we do offer more serious/chemical cleaners if people want and we need to do a deep clean. But the default is green cleaners.

So what do people need to give you when they email you guys?

Tina: Mostly a to-do list, their address, timing. You don’t have to be at your house while we’re cleaning and there are usually two of us. We do ask that people pay on the day of and we accept Venmo, Paypal, cash and check.

So in terms of pricing, is everything based on a flat rate or are there things people will get charged more for?

TINA: $30 per hour is our base. We haven’t gotten insanely busy where we’ve needed people to put deposits down but we may have to get to that point. A late fee could be charged, and we may charge for like obscene amounts of puke, but people would know ahead of time.

Is there a specific start time?

Tina: 7am is our earliest and we can clean all day if needed, depending on if we have double bookings.

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Tina and Emily

From Tipsy to Tidy runs Saturdays and Sundays during the school year with some extended hours over breaks. To reach them to schedule a cleaning, you can email them ([email protected]) or visit their website.

Yes, they will be on time, yes your house will be clean, but no they will not dress up.

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