Meet Pearl, the wholesome golden retriever pup taking Ohio State by storm

She definitely has more Instagram followers than you

Step aside Brutus, Ohio State has a new mascot, and her name is Pearl. She is an adorable golden retriever puppy and aspiring model, gracing her followers with a daily dose of wholesome entertainment.

Over the past nine months Pearl has gained a ridiculously large following on Instagram. This spunky one-year-old pup can be spotted relaxing on the Oval enjoying life at Ohio State. It's safe to say she wins the hearts of everyone she meets.

Pom Pom hats are so in right now ❄️

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Pearl has become a local celebrity on campus whose name comes up daily in conversation. If you asked any OSU student what memory stands out to them most over the last two years, you would probably receive a variety of answers. Some students might mention the double overtime win against Michigan last year. A few people might even bring up the time someone threw up on their shoes at Bull's. But an overwhelming majority would tell you where they were when they first laid eyes on Pearl.

Going on my first road trip with my parents ??

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I’ll never forget when I first saw her. It was early April of 2016. I was walking home from an unsatisfying KCom dinner when I saw a tiny, light blonde pup playing with her owner in the grass field by Siebert. When she looked up and locked eyes with me I was done for.

It was like those movie scenes where time moves in slow motion and a romantic song like “Dream Weaver” starts playing in the background. When my friends and I walked over to Pearl and started to pet her, we were hooked. Not only did she have the looks, but she had the personality. She was playful and perfect. She had that star power you have to be born with.


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At the time I didn’t realize how big of a hit Pearl was going to be. It wasn’t until a month ago that I came across Pearl on Instagram—her handle is @goldenpuppearl. She has an impressive 11.3 thousand followers who anxiously await the next post of her wearing a new accessory or showing her true Buckeye spirit.

Am I embarrassed that a one-year-old golden retriever has exponentially more Instagram followers than I do? A little bit. Does it keep me up at night? Sometimes, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m sure some of you are thinking that a dog with so many followers is absolutely ludicrous, but I assure you as soon as you start looking through pictures of Pearl you'll understand.

O-H ?

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Pearl’s pureness makes up for all the innocence lost by students at Bull's and Midway every weekend. Her pure, wholesome soul is the heart of Ohio State, and she needs to be protected at all costs. I’d donate my kidney for her at the drop of a hat to be honest.

She isn’t the hero us Buckeyes deserve, but she’s the hero we need. Now, give Pearl a follow on Instagram—it will be the best thing you do all semester.

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