This Bama student celebrated making the College Football Playoff by…bragging about getting rejected from Ohio State?

We’ve finally found the worst Alabama fan

Following the 2017 College Football Playoff rankings, where OSU was sadly left off the list of contenders, one extra-ballsy Alabama student thought the best way to celebrate her team making it to the playoffs was by sharing screenshots of her Ohio State rejection email.

Alabama junior Madison Cole posted a series of pictures including her rejection email along with screenshots of an email she apparently sent to Ohio State Director of Admissions Vern Granger (although eagle-eyed tweeters will notice the recipient of her email is [email protected]).

The email reads in-full, "I received this rejection email in 2015, and I would just like to say that now we both feel similar levels of rejection after the announcement of Alabama being the 4th spot in the playoffs over the Buckeyes. Roll Tide!"

I'd bet the Director of Admissions doesn't remember Madison, let alone care she ended up choosing to go to Alabama, and honestly, he probably didn't read her email either. And if he did I think he knows he made the right choice.

Of course Ohio State fans weren't too happy when the team failed to clench a spot in the fight for the National Championship, but the students were still smart enough to actually get accepted into tOSU.

And while this season may not have been the best for the Buckeyes, at least we can still say we have a conference championship, right Bama?

People on Twitter were quick to point out how ridiculous the whole idea was:

One guy even replied to the thread with a picture of Madison herself standing in front of a sign that says, 'No offense but fuck Bama,' proving receipts last a lifetime:

The Ohio State Buckeyes are arguably one of the most decorated team in college football. The program has over 40 awards and boasts seven Heisman winners, tied with Notre Dame for the number one spot

Furthermore, it would appear that Madison is forgetting the last time Bama and OSU met for a game Bama left with an L and OSU left with a National Championship.

Nice try, but we all know OSU is the better school. Sorry we got into Ohio State and you didn't, Madison.

We all know you're still dreaming about being a Buckeye.

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