r/OSU wants Family Guy to roast Tom W. Davis clock tower in an episode

One Reddit user penned a proposal to the show’s producers

The newest development surrounding the Tom W. Davis clock tower has students more excited than the clock tower itself. Reddit user iloveciroc posted a letter they wrote to the producers of Family guy, asking them to include the clock tower in a future episode.

They aren't asking for much screen time at all, claiming they would be happy if the clock tower popped up in the distance and became the butt of a single joke. Family Guy is no stranger to poking fun at Ohio, stereotyping us as the state where everyone wears sweatpants. Unfortunately, I can't deny that accusation.

User iloveciroc suggested in the letter, "I was thinking maybe Lois is bitching about Meg making poor decisions or something and Peter could chime in like 'this is worse than when The Ohio State University tries to improve student life' and cuts to a cut-scene where Michael Drake (President of OSU) picks up a phone and calls Tom Davis".

iloveciroc has a short scene written for an episode, writers and producers of Family Guy just need to make it happen.

The letter goes on to describe a fictional conversation between President Drake and the mysterious clock tower donor Tom Davis—who seems to be a ghost when you do a quick Google search of his name. Really who is this guy? Following the conversation about donating money for the clock tower, iloveciroc says, "Maybe Peter pops up over the pic and rants 'Who the fuck even uses clocktowers anymore? Tom Davis, you are a moron. No bargain."

I have to commend the person who wrote the letter for their dedication to pointing out how ridiculous this supposedly "iconic" landmark came to be. If you want to help r/OSU get the clock tower on Family Guy you better start drafting your letters and emails now.

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