Experiential Insight aims to teach students skills they can apply beyond college

Some skills you can’t learn in a lecture

Four years of college is meant to prepare students for success in their chosen career path beyond graduation, but Experiential Insight saw a major flaw in the structure of college education. Students don't know how to market themselves to potential employers.

Emotional intelligence, influence, active communication, and other skills aren't included in the current education system. These soft skills typically help people connect with one another in meaningul and engaging ways—which has recently become a lost art, especially in the professional sphere. Experiential Insight offers professional coaching to students in an easily digestible format in an affordable way.

Experiential Insight offers two coaching track options: the Rock Star Track and the Super Star Track. The former option coaches students through the information they need to know prior to the recruitment process. It addresses the skills of developing a personal brand and teaches you how to use your brand successfully. The latter option focuses on unlocking hidden potential and pushing students to think outside the box. These coaching tracks improve the skills a student already has as well as helping them gain new ones.

Prior to graduation students may take their resumes to the career center on campus for review or practice for a big interview, but these interactions are cut and dry. Experiential Insights coaching techniques aim to challenge students to think strategically and proactively to prepare them for challenges they haven't thought of before.

Training in these soft skills isn't meant to replace college education, but meant to enhance the skills students learn in the classroom over the course of their academic career. If you're having a hard time determining how to reach your personal goals or feel chasing your dreams is a daunting process, Experiential Insight can help you rise to the challenge.

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