The Best of OSU Crush: October

Missed connections got a lot spookier this month

The magical season of fall is finally upon us, which signals the beginning of cuffing season and more thirst than ever before. Halloween never fails to provide the weirdest and wildest missed connection professions of love.

In October, OSU Crush provided the students of Ohio State with more vague lust, love at first sight in the dinings halls, and desperate students looking for their costumed Halloween soulmates. We've rounded up the best tweets for your viewing pleasure.

The crushes in costume

The wild, the weird and the thirsty

The ones that are better with photos

The downright sad

The wholesome ones that give you feels

If you're looking for a fall cuddle buddy or someone who will pretend to be your significant other for the holidays, you might be one anonymous tweet away.

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