There’s a special place in hell for people who ride their bikes on the sidewalk

It’s called a ‘sidewalk’ for a reason

Have you ever walked across the Oval during a time when there's a mass exodus of students leaving buildings for a class change? Sometimes it's difficult to find a place to walk. You know what's even more difficult? Finding space to ride a damn bike.

By law, a bicycle is a vehicle. That means that they should only be "driven" on the street. This also means bikers should be following traffic laws just like cars. Last time I checked people don't drive their cars or motorcycles on the sidewalk. So, why on Earth do people think it's okay to ride their bike on the sidewalk?

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Credit: Andrew Hutchman

I get it. Riding a bike on the street sounds mildly terrifying. The people who drive through campus speed and they're impatient most of the time. Strap on a helmet and be cautious, but don't ride your bike on the sidewalk. "It’s happened more than once that people just fly by and narrowly miss smooshing my guide dog's paws", said Cassandra Ocasio.

There are few things more annoying than enjoying some good music on my walk between classes when suddenly I can feel someone's bike tire at my heels. There are also few things more terrifying than seeing someone speeding right toward you on a bike paying zero attention, only to have them brake inches from you.

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Credit: Andrew Hutchman

"I was crossing at College and 12th and some guy zipped by (way too close to the curb) and as he turned onto 12th yelled 'I'm on High Street' and then missed a group of pedestrians by a couple inches", said Sarah Goldenberg.

Don't speed through a crosswalk because you can't be bothered to stop for students who need to cross. You're a vehicle, like a car, so stop and wait. Everyone on campus has a place to be, and wherever you're going on your bike isn't more important than where I'm going on foot.

Those of us who utilize the sidewalk to walk from point A to point B can see you doing that awkward zig zag with your handle bars, trying to manouver between us. We don't care if you can't get through and we are annoyed.

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