This Ohio State student used Tinder to plan her grandfather’s funeral and it’s…hilarious??

‘Grandpa shoulda had more sons’

Typically when a loved one dies, your first move isn't to make a Tinder profile. However, Ohio State student Evelyn Troutman recognized that desperate times call for desperate measures.

When her grandfather's funeral was two or three pallbearers short, Evelyn took matters into her own hands. She created a hilarious Tinder profile outlining the kind of guy she was looking for, and even offered up a "nice scenic walk in the cemetery."

Evelyn was looking for a guy, not necessarily named Paul, to "carry the weight of [her] grandfather's earthly transgressions." She noted while the candidate did not have to be white, her grandfather was "kinda racist" and "it's not like there's anything he can do about it now."

The lucky guy also needed to wear a suit because he would meet Evelyn's entire family. While that seems like a tall order, she didn't have much trouble finding matches. She claims to have had five "superlikes" in three minutes.

According to Evelyn, her updated Tinder received 75 matches in 16 hours. Several people reached out to her to ask questions about the funeral.

Evelyn did not let the death of her grandfather stand in her way of roasting most of them.

Along with her popularity among the users, Tinder sent Evelyn a notification letting her know that her new photos were generating a lot of traffic, and that people loved them.

It's not hard to see why, as Evelyn used photos of her deceased grandfather to give the potential pallbearers a glimpse into the man they may carry to his final resting place. Evelyn told The Tab, "I knew it was my duty as a granddaughter to help get grandpa in the ground any way I could, even if I had to recruit an army of fuckboys to do so."

Some people reached out to offer their condolences to Evelyn, while others questioned whether or not the Tinder was a joke. She replied to one user saying, "death is no joke".

Even though most of the matches weren't serious, there were a few that were willing to help Evelyn's family with the task of carrying her grandfather's casket.

One Tinder user told Evelyn that he used to work for an organization that specifically sent people to be pallbearers for funerals of those who did not have enough people to help.

Another was an EMT who was serious enough that he almost called off work.

While she had many matches, and responded to many messages, it turns out that Evelyn didn't receive help from any of her Tinder suitors. She and her cousin ended up taking on the pallbearer roles to carry her grandfather to his final resting place. However, Evelyn said, "My entire family was incredibly touched by the kindness of strangers to help us in our time of need."

Evelyn said, "fuck gender roles we're strong independent women carrying the oppression of the patriarchy 24/7".

Even though no one showed up to help out Evelyn's family, at least she gave us some prime entertainment for a few days. Turns out Tinder is useful for more than meeting douchey guys.

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